Welcome to Dark Living

This space is for women who are ready to let their inner Dark Divine come to the forefront and lead their life to personal freedom and social power.

We dive deep into your waters to see how you've been misleading yourself with old programming that has kept you feeling at the bottom of life, and we weed it out to reveal your true identity: darkly-sweet, divine, feminine essence.

Your new lifestyle will demonstrate your influence and potential in any situation in which you find yourself:

-psychology hacks to get what you need or want from people (without hurting them)

-network with prestigious people who can inspire you to raise your standards and be in bigger rooms

-attract divine masculine partners who appreciate and cherish you

-crush competition by using courage to go bigger than they can

-respect your body-temple so you can have a well-regulated nervous system and take life's ebbs and flows with grace

-use your creativity to make sure you have back-up plans for things and also easy, multiple streams of income so you can be independent and not at the mercy of others

-and so much more that helps you be in control of the different aspects of your life so you don't feel like you're on the bottom anymore. It's time to go straight to the top!

You'll be operating in your dark feminine essence, so the world knows who they're dealing with. You'll transmute downfall into windfall, fear into initiative, and doubt into courage.

This is the space for women who are ready to be courageous, conquer their fears, and align with their inner divine feminine creative power. Here, you reclaim your body, your mind and your heart from your weaknesses, take advantage of the here and now, and never be on the losing end ever again.


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