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Dark Feminine Lifestyle isn't about having a man pay for your next meal so you don't have to -- it's about getting your bag and having your shit together so you attract people into your life who can inspire you to go bigger because you deserve it and you know it's already yours.

This space is for women who are ready to let their inner Dark Divine lead their life to personal happiness, energetic power and ultimate financial freedom, leading to liberation and satisfaction with their life.

We dive deep into your waters to see how you've been misleading yourself with old programming that has held you back from going after your dreams, and we remove it to reveal your true identity: darkly-sweet, divine, feminine essence, ready to create the life you want.

Your new mindset will showcase your influence and potential in any situation in which you find yourself. You'll learn things like:

-how to find your voice in any situation so you can get the results you want, TO-damn-DAY (this brings you satisfaction in your results).

-network with prestigious people who inspire you to raise your standards and be in bigger rooms (this leads to more making money).

-attract divine masculine partners who appreciate and cherish you and want to show you that princess treatment you've never had but keep hearing about (you might have fought against this in the past but it's time to see the masculine in a better light so you can receive his blessings).

-develop more emotional control so you're not distracted by drama that isn't your problem cuz fuck all that (this emotional control will keep you from worrying about silly stuff that isn't going to help you on your path to power).

-respect your body-temple so you can have a well-regulated nervous system and take life's ebbs and flows and be unhurt by so-called "downfalls" or even flashbacks/reminders/triggers

-use your creativity to make sure you have back-up plans so you're not caught off guard, and also to have easy, multiple streams of income, so you can be independent and not at the mercy of others

-choose courage so you can accept your true potential and go for your dreams because you know you have the potential and the capacity for holding your greatest desires, you just have to say YES to yourself and go for it

-and so much more. Rid yourself of meekness, reclaim your voice and power, and recalibrate to a higher energy that demands more attention, more money and more respect.

You'll be operating in your dark feminine essence, so the world knows who they're dealing with. You'll transmute downfall into windfall, fear into initiative, and doubt into ultimate courage.

This is the space for women who are ready to be courageous, conquer their fears, and align with their inner divine feminine creative power. Here, you reclaim your body, your mind and your heart from weakness, take advantage of the here and now, and never be on the losing end ever again. This is the realm where you find your voice and master the art of getting what you want in life, because you deserve it. Here and Now.

*NB: This is not for the weak. You need to be ready to give up your old identity of being fearful, indecisive and stuck in old patterns, and be ready to step into completely new shit. Around here, we don't sit around and complain about why we have to do it a different way. If you want the real and true transformation, you have to hand yourself over to the Goddess and let her show you what needs healing, re-vamping and polishing. Stand on business or go home. If you can handle that, you're my ideal client. Are we doing this or what?! Stay dark, my friends.


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