This e-book is a deep dive into the spiritual path of the dark goddess. Here, you'll learn about how to connect with the dark feminine divine within you: Here's an excerpt:

"Dark Mother is at the core of creation, so, everything comes from her, revolves around her, and returns to her, the same way we return to the earth after we die. You can see yourself reflected in the beauty and absolute vastness of this universe, whenever you peer into her eternal void. She is always peering back, and that’s what makes it scary. You just wonder, to yourself, “who’s in there?” I’ll give you a hint – it’s you. She’s you.

You can meet yourself in this yawning, dark, stirring place; you can meet the eternal you, the ever-expansive you, the sacred you, because it is also the sacred her.

The void is feared because it is unabridged, uncontrolled and unfathomed. This is why people fear dark rooms, the woods, or the ocean. These spaces represent that same power, that same energy, that same aethereal obscurity. Those unknown spots that can’t be fully understood or managed, which is the way we’ve been taught everything should be treated. That’s for weak men (especially the straight ones). Not us. We know there are things that can’t be fully understood, all at once. That’s why women are psychics, healers and portals to the netherworld. Pregnancy is a good example of this: it’s the magic that’s hidden away, and we just see the end result and appreciate the unknowable process."