This is a very in-depth, soul-led, deep, transformative, self-paced course on how to heal your heart and repair your energy fields after leaving the narcissist. This is delicate work: you have to severe some serious energetic bonds that intensified the trauma bonds that were already created by the ex...

We know the narcissist is an energy vampire, so we have to recharge our batteries, repair holes in the aetheric fields, do the correct shielding and possibly even reversal work to send the narcissist's sludge right back to them. We will go over different types of relevant spellwork, also.

This course will be extremely detailed and heart-felt, because I know exactly what it means to have to cleanse the ex-narcissist from your energy centres AND your subconscious mind. Your own energetic workings/spells/etc will work so much better after this, as well, because you'll be cleansed, focussed and more-pure after your transformation. Like being reborn.

If you are a healer, empath, or mystical person in any way, I invite you into my world, to heal your heart AND your energy, and cleanse the narcissist's muck from your divine essence, once and for all. Walk in glory.