This is a full-service cleanse and tune-up! This includes:

-Heavy-Duty Cord-Cutting

-Reiki Full-Body Cleanse/Blockage Removal

-Repair of Auric field tears and holes

-Cleansing and Spinning of Chakras

-Womb Space Energy Cleanse

-Water-Programming Instructions tailored to you

-Subconscious-Reprogramming tailored to you

-Full Shielding and Protection Workings

These are my tried-and-true methods for energetic cleanse and recovery. Feel free to respond to your receipt email and tell me any details you'd like me to know before I get started! I will document any sensations I get during your session. You do not have to do anything for the session besides relax and trust. When you receive your receipt email, you can reply to it and tell my your question or concern.