This is for the woman who knows she has the dark femme in her and just needs to hone it for specific situations. This will be a Live, weekly training with me. You’ll be joined by other ladies who have also chosen to put themselves first and be in full control through the essence of the dark feminine. This will be a safe space to:

-release guilt and shame so you can live your life to the fullest without fear

-be welcomed into a community that's based on relishing our darkly-sweet divine essence

-get past mental blocks caused by the patriarchy and step into the divine feminine superpower, where you belong

-learn how to take someone's jealousy and transmute it into your success

-learn how to get what you want from situations

-learn how to turn failure into a new pathway to success

And so much more. You can take control of your life, meet your dark inner goddess, and let that primordial part of you guide you through your life so you can find your voice and THRIVE.