This course provides a holistic and natural lifestyle that allows you to shine your love out into the world and heal anyone, using source energy.

Money will to FLOW to you because you are good at what you do and people trust you.

Completion of this course grants you the freedom to be the natural healer you truly are.

You will be your own boss, doing what you love. You can make your own schedule, decide who you'll serve, get great referrals and have the satisfaction of helping people, all at once. All you need to do is trust yourself. You already have the power within you, it's just time to fine-tune it so you can benefit from it the way others have.

This is a very thorough course. You will learn:

- self healing

- chakras

- schools of yoga

- different levels of auric fields

- opening your own business

- working at home vs in-person

- what to expect as a teacher and as a client

- history of reiki and what makes it different

And loads more. The price also includes attunement, certificate and lineage. It's a beautiful way to liberate yourself from being a slave to the corporate machine and allowing yourself to live your dream as a natural healer.