Hey There :)

Can I be straightforward here?

If you want a clear path to fully embodying allure, confidence and mystery...

If you're ready to go all in and resonate a vibe that demands more respect and more money...

If you want to master negotiation, networking and outsmarting obstacles to live like the dark feminine divine baddie that we both know you are on the inside...

Dark Living is the transformation for you.

You get the safe space to really unfold and meet yourself so we can weed out your wounded feminine and soothe any childhood fears that might still be holding you back

You get to delete old habits and patterns that won't catapult you into your future success (which is inevitable in my world).

You get to be empowered, admired, wanted, respected, taken seriously, and listened to.

You get to put yourself around better people who admire you, want to hear what you have to say, and are ready and willing to help you because they can't resist your goddess vibe.

You get to have solid back-up plans for precarious situations so you're not caught off guard, and you get to have a side income from something you enjoy and is easy to produce.

You get to think outside the box so you're always prepared and have all the facts in important situations so you don't get taken advantage of or screwed over by some idiot who thinks they're smarter than you (news flash, they're not).

Every week we'll dive into your inner thoughts and habits so we can chip away what's not needed, magnify your natural strengths, and polish your overall look. You'll be unstoppable. And I love that about you.

Everything you need to develop rock-solid confidence in your life, get the strategy, attitude, and clarity to keep your life running smoothly & RIGHT on-track, as it should.

I've helped many women with the Dark Feminine spark inside them bring that beautiful power to the surface, where it serves them and places them at the centre of it all, right where they belong.

I can't wait to see what we can accomplish together.

Dark Living was made for you. You deserve this.

You will be aligned with your soul's true potential and live your life from a place of darkly-sweet essence that life itself cannot resist. You will be in charge wherever you go. Now... let's get you into some black lace.


NB* You are welcome to re-sign after the 12 weeks if you want to continue working together!